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DIFM vs DIY. Which is the fit for your skill level? Part 1

28 Oct
Posted by Ron Sheldon Tile Installation Expert
DIFM vs DIY. Which is the fit for your skill level?


Start by determining your DIY skill level

It all starts with an honest evaluation of your DIY skill level and the seriousness of your home improvement project. There are projects that are a perfect fit for the beginner or moderate DIYer, while other projects may be better for the advanced DIYer or be considered for a DIFM hire. To help you determine your skill level, we’ve broken out DIY work into three categories: Beginner, Moderate, and Advanced.



Beginner DIYers have little to no experience with home repair and improvement projects. Maybe you’ve wanted to dabble in DIY but are yet to have the chance? Or you’ve installed a small tiled floor in the laundry room and want to try out more projects? You’ll need to find inspiration, plan out your projects, purchase tools, and do a lot of research before starting your next DIY job. Some examples of Beginner DIY projects are:

  • Switching out faucet/hardware
  • Installing a small tile floor
  • Building raised flower beds
  • Painting/papering a wall
  • Installing new lighting fixtures



Those categorized as moderate DIYers have a few DIY projects under their belt and have branched out into a few more technical and time-consuming projects such as installing a backsplash or building a small back deck. If you are a moderate DIYer, you have the basic tools, an eye for how much effort and time a project will take and enjoy perfection in the little, complicated details of a project. Some ideal projects for you are:



Advanced DIYers have vast experience in home improvement projects and feel confident undertaking the most complicated of tasks such as waterproofing and installing a shower. If you have the tools and materials that a professional would own and your friends ask you advice for their DIY projects, you are most likely an advanced DIYer. Some projects you may have completed are:


We hope this blog post helps you determine the best fit for your skill level. In Part 2 of ” DIFM vs DIY. Which is the fit for your skill level?”, we will give you key questions that help you decide whether you should hire a professional for your project or Do-It-Yourself. 

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