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DIFM vs DIY. Which is the fit for your skill level? Part 2

10 Nov
Posted by Ron Sheldon Tile Installation Expert
DIFM vs DIY. Which is the fit for your skill level?

How risky is it?

Does the project involve main electrical lines, plumbing pipes, asbestos removal, knocking down a wall, or natural gas lines? These could be risky to you or your home. If you feel at all uncomfortable with these project elements, it’s best to hire the professionals.


Do you need a permit to complete the project? 

A sure sign that a job may be beyond an advanced DIY level is when it requires a permit. Check with your city to see if your project needs a building permit and if it does, consider the DIFM route.


Is it worth your time and effort?

Are you willing to invest in the proper equipment (purchase or rent) and spend the extra time researching and working to get the project right? Are you ok with spending weekends and time after work completing the project?


Are you equipped complete this project correctly?

In other words, do you have the right tools and knowledge to complete your project? Some may say, that depends on the project. Examples of DIFM projects include: 


You’ll notice that some of them overlap with the Advanced DIYer projects from Part 1 of this post. This is because an Advanced DIYer may consider hiring help, depending on their answers to the questions above.


Is DIY or DIFM the fit for your skill level and project? Consider this and Part 1 of this post when making a decision. If you decide to do your home improvement project yourself, take a look at these resources surrounding DIY tile installation projects:

For those installing a tiled floor (beginner or moderate DIY skill level), we recommend our Floor Tile Installation Guide. It features 7 easy steps to installing a floor and includes equipment lists and easy-to-read graphics, ensuring you confidently install the floor of your dreams.

If you are planning to install a tile backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom (moderate DIY skill level), we happily recommend our Backsplash Tile Installation Guide. From pre-project planning to working with specialty tiles, we share our expertise and knowledge step-by-step.

Lastly, for the advanced DIYer, check out our Shower Tile Installation Guide to get a detailed list of materials, waterproofing instructions, and more in this how-to guide.

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