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How to Select a Grout Color to Match Your Personality

22 Nov
Posted by Ron Sheldon Tile Installation Expert
How to Select a Grout Color to Match Your Personality

Grouts provide benefits such as durability and stain resistance and they come in a variety of color options to fit every taste and style. Select a matching grout color to blend in with your tile and to give your room a simple and classic feel. For an extra accent, go with contrasting grout colors that draw attention to the overall tile pattern to make it stand out.

Need inspiration to find out what grout color is best for you? Use the TEC® Skill Set™Color Selector Tool and take a fun online quiz to discover your design style. Once you know what color you want, easily create your own for your tile project. Just mix and match your grout color out of more than 100 grout colors available via special order at Lowe’s.

Once you are ready to apply the tile grout, make sure to read this Installation Guide that gives you instructions on how to install tile, and to give you an overview of product and tools needed for your project. 

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