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Tackling Trends – Keeping Up-to-Date on the Latest Tile Installation Patterns

19 Aug
Posted by Ron Sheldon Tile Installation Expert
Keeping Up-to-Date on the Latest Tile Installation Patterns

Investing into the remodeling of your bathroom or kitchen can often result in high returns of your investment. When done right, the rate of return from bathroom remodels tend to be 75% or more of the initial investment and kitchen remodels and redesigns bring a hefty rate of return when the house is sold: estimates vary from an average of 66 percent (U.S. News & World Report) to 92.9 percent (HGTV).

Read on to find the best resources that will help you take advantage of the latest tile installation patterns.       


Print Resources 

Architectural Magazines

Architects stay apprised of all of the latest design trends, including tile installation patterns. Perusing the magazines that feature these trends will give you an idea of what architects and designers see for future tile trends. 

  • ARCHITECT Magazine features projects and products that integrate the latest tile patterns and shows how architects are using them.
  • Architectural Record showcases the latest and greatest residential designs, as well as completed projects and large-scale installation highlights.


Interior Design Magazines

Interior designers have a big influence on tile installation trends, so make sure to follow those trends closely.

  • Interior Design magazine bills itself as the “essential design authority” and includes both product and project news.
  • Dwell is attractive to both consumers and professionals, Dwell provides an accessible gateway into the interior designer community.

Consumer and Lifestyle Publications

Better Homes and GardensReal SimpleHouse Beautiful focus on tile patterns that can help inspire you for your own projects.



Industry publications will tell you what tile manufacturers have up their sleeves. TileLetterTile Magazine, Floor Trends  and more should be on your subscription list. 


Online Resources 

Social Media

Thousands of new inspiring projects, photos and ideas are uploaded daily by real people and professionals. Especially Houzz and Pinterest are good sources to find popular tile installation patterns and trends. Our TEC® Skill Set™ Pinterest and Houzz accounts feature countless tile installation patterns, remodeling ideas and tile design inspirations for your home.


Tile Manufacturer’s Websites

Tile manufacturers often have customer resources, including new and popular patterns, on their website. Two of them include Crossville Tile and Dal-Tile.


When you tile your floor, your options are endless. Use these resources as inspiration sources for your own projects and stay up-to-date on current trends of tile designs.

When you are ready to start your project, check out our Mortars, Grouts and Tile Installation Guides that help you build your own trend. 

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