Bond the Floor

Select the proper adhesive to install your floor.

Quick Tip:

  • The first step in choosing your adhesive is knowing the type of floor you have and its backing.
  • Stick-N-Stay adhesive does it all! It's used to install tile, carpet, and vinyl with most backings.

Roll-On Vinyl Tile & Plank Adhesive

Allows you ease of use, to roll through flooring installations fast and effectively.

Stick-N-Stay Adhesive

A multi-purpose adhesive for installing carpet, vinyl and linoleum sheetgoods, and more.

Releasable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

A specially designed adhesive for installing carpet tile and fiberglass-backed sheet vinyl.

Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

Formulated for the installation of most outdoor carpets and synthetic grass with backings such as marine grade, ACTIONBAC®, rubber-backed, and non-backed.

Wall Base Adhesive

Designed to easily install vinyl, TPR and rubber to walls and floors.

General Use Multi-Floor Adhesive

Designed to install carpet with a variety of different backings and fiber-backed sheet vinyl.

Releasable Vinyl Floor Tape

This product is used to install fiberglass backed, loose lay sheet vinyl.

Vinyl Composition Tile Adhesive

TEC Skill Set Vinyl Composition Tile Adhesive is a permanent pressure sensitive latex adhesive for the interior installation of Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT).

Premixed Vinyl Tile Grout

TEC Skill Set Vinyl Tile Grout is a ready to use, sanded acrylic grout that is highly stain resistant for use with vinyl tile.