Releasable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


Releasable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is a high quality, high strength, adhesive with excellent resistance to moisture and plasticizer migration. Can be used for installation of carpet tile and fiberglass backed sheet vinyl. Install over concrete, marble, terrazzo, metal, plywood (APA standard underlayment grade or better), fiber-cement underlayment, and more.

  • For commercial and residential applications
  • Double-bond method of installation (cushion to substrate)
  • Environmentally Friendly: Solvent free formula
  • Available in 1 gallon pail


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1 gallon (3.78 L) plastic pail Product #71-3088-5021

See coverage.

Suitable Substrates
• Concrete
• Marble
• Terrazzo
• Metal
• Plywood - APA standard underlayment grade or better
• Multiply underlayment
• Fiber-cement underlayment
• Latex portland cement based underlayment
• Existing single layer non-cushioned resilient flooring (well bonded,
smooth, wax-free)
• Radiant heated subfloors [surface temp does not exceed 85°F (29°C)]

Freeze/thaw stable to 10°F (-12°C) for a minimum of 5 cycles. If
frozen, slowly bring to room temperature and stir before using.

Shelf Life
Maximum of 18 months from date of manufacture in unopened

Physical State Paste
Color White
Odor Nil
Working Time 1-2 hours at 75 degrees F/50% RH
Final Cure 24-48 hours
VOC/Liter of Material 0 grams



Surface Preparation
For best results, flooring material, room and adhesive should be kept at a minimum of 70°F for 48 hours before and 24 hours after installation. Remove all wax, grease, oil, paint, dust, curing compounds,
adhesive residue and other surface contaminants. Plywood should be installed according to American Plywood Association guidelines. Plywood subfloor surfaces should be well nailed at all edges and
through center. Raised edges should be sanded smooth. Fill cracks and depressions in floor with a high quality latex portland cement patching compound. Sand smooth and vacuum to remove dust.
IMPORTANT: Sanding releases dust harmful to lungs. Use appropriate respiratory protection to avoid breathing dust. On hardwood and wood parquet floors, the installation of plywood or fiber-cement
underlayment is required.

All concrete substrates must be tested for moisture and pH prior to flooring installation. The industry standard methods for testing moisture are ASTM F 2170 (RH) or ASTM F 1869 (Calcium Chloride-MVER). Consult floor covering manufacturer for acceptable RH or MVER. Test for pH in accordance with ASTM F 710. Range of 7-9 is required.

IMPORTANT: Refer to flooring manufacturer’s installation guidelines for proper application instructions, including trowel size and approximate coverage. Lack of adhesive due to improper trowel size can contribute to bond failure / inadequate bond. Apply adhesive and allow to dry to a clear, transparent film - normally 1 to 2 hours before applying floor covering. However, tiles may be installed up to 24 hours after adhesive becomes dry. Drying time will vary depending upon the temperature, humidity and porosity of substrate. To ensure releasable properties, adhesive film should dry clear prior to installation. If a permanent, non releasable bond is desired, place carpet, or pad or  into adhesive while it is still wet (before the color change). Keep the adhesive film free of dust and dirt. Light foot traffic acceptable immediately after installation. Avoid heavy foot traffic or rolling loads for 24 hours.

Open Time
TEC Skill Set Releasable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive has an approximate working time of 1-24 hours, depending on trowel size, floor porosity, temperature and humidity.

Remove wet adhesive with a water dampened cloth. Dried adhesive can be removed with acetone.

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Releasable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive SDS

Releasable Pressure Sensitive Adhesive SDS-English

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