Releasable Vinyl Floor Tape


Releasable Vinyl Floor Tape is a high quality, double sided tape used to install increasingly popular fiberglass backed, loose lay sheet vinyl. The Vinyl Floor Tape is designed to keep flooring well bonded at seams and doorways. When used in areas where heavy appliances are placed, it ensures bond of flooring when appliances are moved.

  • Double sided for ease of installation
  • Ideal for fiberglass backed vinyl flooring
  • Environmentally Friendly: Certified to meet The Carpet and Rug Institute's highest standards for indoor air quality
  • Available in 2 in. X 50 ft. tape roll


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2 in. X 50 ft. Tape Roll
(50.8 mm X 15.24 m)
 Product #37-0138-8021

50 lineal feet (15.24 lineal meters)

Suitable Substrates
• Plywood
• OSB Board Subfloors
• Concrete Subfloors (on any grade level)

Store inside at temperatures of 40°F (4°C) to 90°F (32°C).

Shelf Life
Maximum shelf life of 2 years from date of manufacture.

Physical State: Tape

Surface Preparation
For best results, vinyl flooring must be installed on a perfectly smooth
and flat floor. Clean the substrate thoroughly before applying TEC Skill Set Vinyl Floor Tape. At all times, all surfaces must be smooth, structurally sound, clean, dry, and free from any oil, wax, grease, sealers, existing adhesives, waterproofing or curing compounds that would interfere with bonding. Fill all cracks and depressions with a quality patching compound, such as TEC Skill Set Ready-To-Use Patch. For best
results, the area to be installed, adhesive and flooring should be conditioned at 65°F (18°C) and at a maximum relative humidity of 65% for at least 24 hours before and after installation. For concrete slabs,
perform all moisture tests as directed by the vinyl flooring manufacturer. This should include a Calcium Chloride, and pH Alkalinity test. Follow all your manufacturer’s recommendations if your subfloor has
excess moisture.

TEC Skill Set Vinyl Floor Tape is to be placed on the substrate under seams, doorways, and other selected areas (see Figure A below). Under heavy moveable items, such as appliances, place tape in a
large “X” without overlapping tape. Release liner is to remain in place on top side of tape. Take a clean, dry cloth and rub tape (with release liner) to insure tape is firmly applied. At doorways and appliance
locations, gently fold back the edge of the flooring. Remove tape release liner and carefully reposition flooring. Flooring must lay flat on the tape. You can gently lift it and reposition, if necessary. Continue to
remove release liner and apply to selected areas until finished. For maximum adhesion, use a clean, dry cloth to firmly

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Releasable Vinyl Floor Tape MSDS

None needed.

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