Prepare the Surface

Products you'll need to prepare the surface - floor patch and self leveling underlayment. If your subfloor has imperfections, eventually your floor will too.

Quick Tip:

  • Check for holes or voids
  • Make sure the surface is flat and even


Multi-Purpose Primer

An easy to apply primer for use with the Ultimate Self Leveling Underlayment and other select surface preparation products.

Ultimate Self Leveling Underlayment

Smooths and levels most subfloors prior to all floor covering installations.

Universal Skimcoat and Patch

Designed to skim coat, smooth, and level irregularities over most surfaces.

A box of fast setting deep pitch.

Fast Setting Deep Patch

A cement-based underlayment designed specifically for deep fills and leveling concrete and plywood subfloors.

Ready-To-Use Floor Patch

Repairs minor imperfections to the substrate prior to the installation of the floor covering.

Concentrated Adhesive Remover

Assists in the removal of floor coverings by weakening the bond of most water-based adhesives.