Fast Setting Deep Patch


Fast Setting Deep Patch  is a cement-based underlayment designed specifically for deep fills, ramping, and leveling concrete and plywood subfloors (dry areas only) from featheredge up to 1½ in. (38 mm) in a single application, up to 5 in. (12 cm) with proper aggregate. Can be applied with steel trowel, float and/or screed to produce a smooth, level surface. Fast Setting Deep Patch cures to a walkable surface in approximately 60 minutes.

  • Patches from featheredge up to 1½ in. (38 mm) in a single
  • application – Up to 5 in. (12 cm) with proper aggregate
  • Walkable hardness in as soon as 60 minutes
  • Install floor covering in as soon as 1-1½ hours
  • Available in 10 lbs. and 25 lbs. bags


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Fast Setting Deep Patch Product Info



10 lbs. (4.54 kg) plastic bag Product #70-5689-5321
25 lbs. (11.34 kg) plastic bag Product #70-5689-3021

Coverages shown are approximate. Actual coverages may vary
according to substrate conditions and thickness of applications.

Unit Size 1/8" (3mm)
1/4" (6 mm)
1/2" (12 mm) 1" (25 mm)
10 lb.
(4.54 kg)
12-12.8 sq. ft. 6-6.4 sq. ft.
(0.5 m2)
2.8-3.2 sq. ft.
(0.2-0.3 m2)
1.4-1.6 sq. ft
(0.13-0.14 m2)
25 lb.
(11.34 kg)
30-32 sq. ft.
(2.8-3.0 m2)
15-16 sq. ft.
(1.4-1.5 m2)
7-8 sq. ft.
(0.65-0.74 m2)
3½-4 sq. ft.
(0.33-0.37 m2)

Suitable Substrates
When properly prepared, suitable substrates include:
• Concrete
• Burnished concrete*
• Cement terrazzo
• Epoxy terrazzo*
• Epoxy coatings*
• Ceramic tile (including porcelain and quarry tile)*
• Exterior grade plywood, APA grade trademarked exterior
plywood, C-C (plugged) or better (no additive needed)

*Requires priming with TEC Skill Set Multi Purpose Primer

Store in a cool dry area away from direct sunlight.

Shelf Life
Maximum of 3 years from date of manufacture in unopened package.

Description Typical Results
Compressive Strength (ASTM C-109) 4200 psi
Physical state Dry powder
Color Gray
Pot life 15-20 minutes
Install floor covering* 1-1/12 hrs

*Flooring installation after application is dependent on thickness, drying conditions, and type of flooring.

Technical Service
Available Mon–Fri
8:00am–5:00pm CST:

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Fast Setting Deep Patch SDS

 Fast Setting Deep Patch SDS-English



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