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Pre-project planning: How To Install Tile

When you tile your own floor, the options are endless. You can choose your tile, your setting material and have complete creative control over the installation. And, you do the project on your schedule. However, as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Carefully plan your project – referring to the infographic below – for a smooth installation.

Do you know your budget? 

Are you open to installing tile yourself to save money on your renovation? If you want to refresh your home, but aren’t ready to take on a full-scale remodel, consider learning how to install a tile floor in your foyer, kitchen or wherever! Just established a budget and stick to it. According to a 2013 Houzz research study, 41 % of homeowners went over budget on their last renovation project, and 18% had no budget specified at all.

Consider your lifestyle
Before beginning your floor installation, consider your lifestyle. Will your floor be subject to lots of traffic, or stains from kids and pets? If so, choose a grout that is stain-resistant and opt for large tile that will minimize grout lines. Make sure the tile that you select is easy to clean.

Have a backup plan
Remember that the entire room will be out of commission while you’re undertaking a floor tile installation. Keep that in mind during project planning, and make sure you begin the project when that room will not be subject to any foot traffic. When planning your project, remember that you’ll need a place to temporarily store any furniture and appliances outside the room you’re working on.If you want to have access to the room again as soon as possible, opt for a fast-setting mortar-grout combination.

Once you’ve completed your tile installation pre-project planning, the next thing to know is which tile installation materials will help your project go smoothly. You can find a list of materials you’ll need in step two of this "How to Lay Tile" guide.

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Ron Sheldon is a tile and floor installation guru. He has far too much knowledge on obscure topics like grout and floor leveling. A passionate tile contractor by trade, Ron’s spent the past decade dedicated to educating people about tiling, and has great advice on how to perfect your project.

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