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Pre-project planning for shower tile installation

Your bathroom might be comparatively small in area, but it is an integral part of your home. Creating the shower you’ve always imagined can definitely improve your quality of life. Aesthetic reasons aside, an older shower could be allowing potential water damage into your home. However, undertaking a bathroom remodel can be stressful. Carefully plan your project – referring to the infographic below – for a smooth shower tile installation.

Do you know your budget?
If you want to refresh your bathroom, but aren’t ready to take on the cost of a full-scale remodel, consider retiling a shower or bath. Even if you’re new to DIY projects, you’ll be able to complete most of this project on your own.

When budgeting for your shower tile installation project, consider the costs of your tile, setting material and waterproofing system. Ceramic tile tends to be a cost-effective (and still beautiful) option, but there are a variety of tile types for every price point and aesthetic. If this is the first time you’ve undertaken a tile project, you’ll also have to invest in some tools. (Read our tips for selecting tile installation tools here.)  Maybe your new tools will inspire you to undertake another tile project soon! You’ll need a little professional help to install your shower pan on the shower floor, so include that in your budget as well.

You’ll need to budget your time, as well as your money, for a shower remodel project. Remember that your shower, tub and possibly your whole bathroom, will be out of commission during the installation process – and you should budget at least a day or two for the project. If you want to have access to them again as soon as possible, opt for a fast-setting mortar-grout combination. Be sure to keep the cure time of your waterproofing system in mind when allotting time for the project.

Once you’ve completed your shower tile installation pre-project planning, the next thing to know is which tile installation materials will help your project go smoothly. You can find a list of materials you’ll need in step two of this “How to Tile a Shower” guide.

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Ron Sheldon is a tile and floor installation guru. He has far too much knowledge on obscure topics like grout and floor leveling. A passionate tile contractor by trade, Ron’s spent the past decade dedicated to educating people about tiling, and has great advice on how to perfect your project.

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