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Special Instructions for Glass Tile Installation

Glass tile is beautiful once installed, but it can be trickier to install than other types of tile. Use the guidelines below for glass tile installation.

A hand applying grout to glass tile.

Product Selection

  • For glass tile installations, use TEC® Skill Set™ Glass Tile Mortar. This product meets the performance requirements from glass tile manufacturers.


  • Check with the glass tile manufacturer for grout recommendations (sanded versus unsanded). Typically unsanded grout is recommended because sanded grout may scratch glass tile. TEC Design FX grout (featured above in picture) has a reflective element that was specifically made to accentuate glass tile.


1. Cut glass tile
Follow the tile manufacturer's recommendation for cutting glass tile to fit your space.

2. Use flat edge of trowel to apply mortar
A hand using the flat edge of a trowel to apply mortar.After consulting your mortar’s label, carefully mix it. Then, using the flat edge of the trowel, scoop some mortar out of the bucket and apply it to the substrate. Starting at the vertical centerline of your installation, use the long, flat edges of your trowel to spread the mortar outward in a sweeping motion. 

Cover no more than 10 square feet at a time, taking care to completely cover the wall. If you’re newer to working with tile, consider starting with a small

er area. If you spread the mortar over too large of an area, it a skin might form on its surface before you can set your tiles. And if that happens, you will need to stop setting, scrape the wall clean and apply a fresh coat of mortar.

3. "Comb" the mortar

AftA hand combing the mortar to form smooth and even you’ve applied mortar on about 10 square feet of your substrate, comb through it with the notched side of your trowel, forming a 45-degree angle between your trowel and the wall. Comb in straight, even lines. Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure to your trowel. If you hear the trowel scraping the wall through the mortar bed, you’re doing it right! 




4. Flatten mortar ridges
After spreading mortar on the wall and combing with the noticed trowel to create ridges, use the flat side of the trowel to flatten the ridges, creating a uniform setting bed that fully covers the substrate.


5. Bond sheet Tile

A pair of hands bonding a sheet of glass tile to a mortared area of wall.Press the glass tile into the bed of mortar on the wall, pushing out any air bubbles and making sure 100% of the back of the glass tile is coated with mortar.






6. Backbutter individual tiles
A trowel applying a thin layer of mortar to an individual tile.For individual tile, use the flat side of your trowel to apply a very thing, uniform, continuous layer of mortar to tToolshe back of each tile ( known as back buttering). This layer should not exceed 1/16 of an inch. After you very that 100% coverage has been achieved, press the back buttered glass tile into the bed of mortar on wall.




7. Make sure tiles are firmly set before grouting
A hand using a trowel to apply grout to glass tile in a glass tile installation.Follow grouting installation instructions found on grout packaging. TEC Design FX glass tile grout installation instructions are very easy to follow.