Silicone Caulk


New! TEC® Skill Set™ Silicone Caulk is easy to use, flexible, and non-corrosive. It resists water and most common chemicals, offers permanent flexibility, won't crack, shrink or sag and provides excellent weatherability. Use for swimming pools, spas, fountains and other wet area applications.

  • Neutral cure, low odor
  • 50% total joint movement
  • Excellent weatherability, long life
  • Permanent flexibility and durability, won’t crack or soften
  • Easy to use
  • The neutral curing mechanism of product is ideally suited for use in confined work areas since no objectionable odors are generated

Color options:

  • Bright White
  • Silverado
  • Light Buff
  • Charcoal Gray
  • DeLorean Gray
  • Sandstone Beige
  • Clear
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Terms and conditions


Physical Properties

Physical State Soft paste
Color Available in 6 standard colors; 1 clear
Odor Nil
Open Time [at 72º (22ºC)] 10 minutes
Final Cure 1 day, 14 days for swimming pool applications
Foot Traffic Rating (ASTM C627) Residential
VOC 29 g/L
Freeze/Thaw Stability Freeze/thaw stable. If frozen, slowly bring material back to room temperature.
Storage Store in a cool, dry location. Do not store open containers.
Shelf Life Maximum of 24 months from date of manufacture in properly stored, unopened package.

Applicable Standard

Description Typical Results
Extrusion Rate 200 g/min
Tensile Strength 230 psi (1.57 MPa)
Elongation 350%
Slump Nil
Shore A Hardness 23
Tack Free Time 20 minutes
Volume Shrinkage < 3%

Maintain surface temperature between 40ºF and 90ºF (4ºC and 32ºC) during installation and for 24 hours thereafter. For expansion joints or perimeter sealing, the ratio of the joint width to sealant depth should be roughly 2:1. Apply to clean, dry surfaces free from dirt, grease, and existing sealant. For deep joints first install polyurethane or plyethylene foam backer rod. For shallow joints use polyethylene tape. Metal, glass and plastic surfaces should be cleaned by mechanical or solvent procedures. Simple detergent or soap and water treatments are not acceptable. In all cases where utilized, solvents should be wiped on and off with clean, oil and lint free cloths. Cut nozzle at angle to desired bead size. Use masking tape on both sides of joint to allow for easy clean up. Fill joint completely and tool to desired thickness immediately before a skin forms. Remove masking tape immediately after tooling and wipe any sealant off the face of the veneer. Skins over within 10 minutes. When sealing limestone or other porous stone, conduct small test area to verify non-staining as variations exist.

Clean Up
Clean-up or remove from unintended areas before sealant skins over. Wipe hands with dry cloth to remove sealant. Wash with soap and water.

Protect from traffic or water exposure for 24 hours. Swimming pool applications or submerged applications – use polyethylene backer rod or tape and allow 14 days to cure before filling pool. Fully cured sealant is non-hazardous.

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