Unsanded Caulk


NEW! Smooth, unsanded and color-matched to some TEC® Skill Set™ grouts. Forms a tough, flexible, water and weather- resistant seal on most building materials, protecting your installation from moisture, drafts and rot. Contains a special silicone additive to promote greater adhesion and longer life. Dries to a tack free finish in one hour. Paintable. All white and colored formulations meet ASTM C834 standards for exterior grade caulks. Suitable for interior and exterior use.

  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Tough, flexible seal
  • Interior/exterior use
  • Freeze/thaw stable

Color options:

  • Bright white
  • Ivory
  • Antique White
  • Silverado
  • Light Buff
  • Sandstone Beige
  • Summer Wheat
  • Mist
  • Delorean Gray
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Mocha
  • Espresso
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Terms and conditions


Physical Properties

Physical State Soft paste
Color Available in 12 standard colors
Odor Nil
Open Time [at 72° (22°C)] 20-30 minutes
Wt./U.S. Gallon 12.0 to 13.5 lbs./gallon
VOC 14 g/L less water
Freeze/Thaw Stability Freeze/thaw stable. If frozen, simply thaw and use as directed.
Storage Store in a cool, dry location. Do not store open containers. Freeze/thaw stable
Shelf Life Maximum of 24 months from date of manufacture in properly stored, unopened package.

Applicable Standard

Description ANSI Requirement Typical Results
Extrudability > 2 grams/sec Passes
Low Temperature Flexibility No cracking through to substrate or adhesion loss Passes
Extension > 75% recovery and < 25% adhesion loss, with no cohesive cracking Passes
Slump < 0.15 inch (3.80 mm) Passes
Staining < Stain Index 3 Passes
Tack Free Time No material adhering to plastic strip after 1 hour Passes
Volume Shrinkage < 30% maximum shrinkage Passes

1. Apply to clean dry surfaces.
2. For faster flow, soak in warm water for a few minutes before use. If frozen, thaw gradually.
3. Trim spout to opening desired.
4. Apply bead along seam by drawing tube towards you. Maintain steady pressure on tube.
5. Lightly smooth bead with wet finger or putty knife.

Clean Up
Clean tools, hands, and excess material immediately with warm soapy water.

Allow to set 48 hours prior to exposure to water Must dry 72 hours before exposure to freezing temperatures. Higher humidity and cool temperatures will also extend cure time.

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