Set The Tile

Select the proper thinset mortar to install your tile.

Quick Tip:

  • Latex modified tile mortars provide ultimate performance over many substrates.
  • Mortars come in gray or white. Choose one that corresponds to the color tone of your tile.

Large Tile and Stone Mortar

A premium, full-­contact, polymer-­modified mortar used for bonding stone, granite, marble and tile 16” x 16” and larger to floors.

Premium Tile Adhesive Universal Mastic

NEW! TEC® Skill Set™ Premium Tile Adhesive is a ready- to-use adhesive, excellent for ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, quarry and mosaic tile.

Ceramic Mortar

TEC® Skill Set® Ceramic Tile Mortar is a polymer-modified mortar used to install ceramic tiles over a variety of substrates, including plywood.

Type 1 Mastic

TEC® Skill Set™ Type 1 Mastic is a premixed, acrylic-based, multi-purpose tile mastic designed for the interior installation of ceramic, stone or marble tile.

Porcelain Mortar

TEC® Skill Set® Porcelain Mortar is a polymer-modified mortar ideal for installing porcelain tiles. Provides excellent bond strength for residential or commercial installations.

Fast Setting Mortar

TEC® Skill Set™ Fast Setting Mortar is an excellent, fast-drying polymer-modified choice for high-performance/high-traffic installations. Ready to grout in 3 hours.

TotalFlex® Universal Tile Mortar

TEC® Skill Set® TotalFlex® Universal Tile Mortar is a polymer-modified high-performing mortar ideal for heavy and large format tile.

Uncoupling Mortar

TEC® Skill Set™ Uncoupling Mortar is a dry set mortar.

Floor Mortar

TEC® Skill Set™ Floor Mortar is a non-modified floor tile mortar used to install tile on floors over cementitious surfaces, plywood and more.

Glass Tile Mortar

TEC® Skill Set® Glass Tile Mortar is a polymer-modified mortar. Glass Tile Mortar delivers unsurpased bond strength. Perfect for glass tile and mosaics.

Latex Mortar Additive

TEC® Skill Set™ Mortar Additive is used in place of water with non-modified TEC Skill Set brand mortars. Use mortar additive with TEC Skill Set non-modified mortars.

Glass Block Mortar

TEC® Skill Set® Glass Block Mortar is a non-modified high-quality blend designed to prevent mortar from cracking.