Large Tile and Stone Mortar


TEC® Skill Set™ Large Tile and Stone Mortar is a premium, full-­contact, polymer-­modified mortar used for bonding stone, granite, marble and tile 16” x 16” and larger to floors. Mixed with water, it exceeds ANSI A118.4 and ANSI A118.11 specifications. Use interior and exterior.

  • Eases installation of stone and large floor tile
  • Extended open time
  • Superior transfer – full coverage with minimum effort
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TEC® Skill Set™ Large Tile and Stone Mortar Product Info


TEC® Skill Set™ Large Tile and Stone Mortar is a premium, full-­contact, polymer-­modified mortar used for bonding stone, granite, marble and tile 16” x 16” and larger to floors. Mixed with water, it exceeds ANSI A118.4 and ANSI A118.11 specifications. Use interior and exterior.


Key Benefits and Features

  • Eases installation of stone and large floor tile
  • Extended open time
  • Superior transfer – full coverage with minimum effort



50 lbs. plastic bag; white



Coverage will vary with condition of substrate. Required trowel size will vary with the tile size, type and substrate uniformity. Select the trowel size that will ensure 100% coverage. Figures below are presented only as guidelines.


Suitable Substrates
When properly prepared, suitable substrates include:

  • Cementitious backer units (CBU)
  • Glass mat backer board
  • Cured concrete, cured mortar beds, brick and masonry
  • APA Grade Trademarked Exposure 1 Plywood [underlayment grade or better, two layers, 1 1/8" total minimum thickness, interior floors only]



Store in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Do not store open containers. 


Shelf Life
Maximum of 1 year from date of manufacture in unopened package.



Not for use over rubber, strip wood floors, oriented strand board, particle board or lauan plywood. For CDX plywood, use TEC® Skill Set™ Latex Mortar Additive with TEC® Skill Set™ Floor Mortar. Do not apply over single-­layer wood floors. Certain natural stone tiles may be affected by mortar shadowing or staining. Test a small area prior to use to determine suitability. Not for use on walls.



FIRST AID MEASURES: In all cases, seek medical attention if symptoms develop or persist. EYES: Flush with water for 20 minutes. SKIN: Was with soap and water. IF VAPORS INHALED: Remove to fresh air. IF SWALLOWED: Do not induce vomiting. WARNING! This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. For Medical Emergency Information, call 1-­888-­853-­1758.

This Product Data Sheet has been prepared in good faith on the basis of information available at the time of publication. It is intended to provide users with information about and guidelines for the proper use and application of the covered TEC® Skill Set™ brand product(s) under normal environmental and working conditions. Because each project is different, H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc. cannot be responsible for the consequences of variations in such conditions, or for unforeseen conditions.

Applicable Standard


Physical Properties

Surface Preparation

All substrates must be dry, structurally sound with maximum deflection per industry standards of L⁄∕360 for ceramic tile installations and L⁄∕720 for natural stone installations under all live and dead loads; and be free from oil, grease, dust, paint, sealers or concrete curing compounds. All contaminants should be removed prior to installation of tile. Surface protrusions and tile glazes shall be removed by sanding, scraping or scarifying. After preparation, remove all dust by vacuuming. Note: Vinyl asbestos tile or any substrate containing asbestos shall not be sanded, scored or scarified because of the potential health hazard of breathing dust. Any substrate containing asbestos must be handled in accordance with existing EPA regulations. Contact your local EPA office.


Notes: Expansion joints must be provided in the tile work over all construction, control and expansion joints in the backing and where backing materials change. Follow ANSI A108.01 Section 3.7 Requirements for Expansion Joints.

Maximum variations in all substrates must not exceed 1/4" in 10 ft. (6 mm in 3 m) or 1/16" in 1 ft. (1.5 mm in 0.3 m) from the required plane. For non-level, interior surfaces use TEC® Skill Set™ Self Leveling Underlayment.



For best results, maintain all tiling materials, substrates, room and adhesives at 50°-­70°F (10-­21°C) for 24 hours before and 48 hours after installation. Avoid breathing dust and contact with eyes and skin. Avoid using high speed mixing, not to exceed 300 rpm, to prevent entraining air. Add powder to liquid for ease of mixing. 

In a clean mixing container, slowly add product to 4.5 – 5 quarts clean, cool water. Mix material for 2-­5 minutes to a thick creamy consistency, then allow the mortar to stand for 10 minutes. Remix for 1-­2 minutes and apply. 



Apply mortar using flat side of trowel to promote better substrate contact, then comb in one direction with the notched side of the trowel. Spread only an area that can be tiled while surface is still tacky (typically 20-­30 minutes.) Press tiles into setting bed, then push in a direction perpendicular to the notched trowel ridges to achieve optimum coverage. Apply mortar in a heavy enough layer so that complete contact (no voids) between mortar and tile is accomplished when tile is positioned. It may be necessary to “back-­butter” large tiles to achieve complete coverage and firm support. Periodically remove and check a tile to assure proper coverage. Keep a minimum of 2/3 of the joint depth between tiles for grouting.

Open time and tile hand adjustability may vary with job site conditions. Stir occasionally during use to maintain the smooth, creamy consistency of the product. Do not add additional water.


Drying Time

Grouting may be accomplished when tiles are held firmly in place, typically 16-­24 hours after installation is completed. No traffic is permitted over the tiles prior to grouting. Cold temperatures or high humidity may extend curing time. Unglazed tiles may require sealing prior to grouting so discoloration will not occur. The use of TEC® Skill Set™ brand grouts or TEC® Power Grout™ is highly recommended.



Clean tools, hands, and excess materials from face of tile, while mortar is still fresh, with warm soapy water.

Technical assistance Information is available by calling the Technical Service Helpline.

Toll Free: 800-832-9023


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